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I just wanted to quickly drop you a note to thank you for being a stellar example of a woman in the firearms training industry. You are an inspiration! Your style of fun, confidence and ease in the way you present ideas is really a model example for other instructors. I feel completely blessed and grateful that our paths were able to cross at the USCCA instructor training. I was telling my husband about you and how I sincerely hope to one day be as competent an instructor as you are.

Mary Lou

Hello Becky! Thanks for the info- also wanted to tell you and thank you again for a great class!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it despite my fear and anxiety!!!!! You are a great teacher.


Kansas Class

Subject: Re: Class Follow Up Becky, I enjoyed your class tremendously. You are excellent instructor. It is hard for me to explain, but I left there learning much more than how to be comfortable with a gun. We were not just being train by textbook, you are a dedicated profession woman, you love your work, and you pour out your heart and soul so we can understand as women and I Thank You. I am going to study my notes, book and read your email plus practice. Look forward seeing you again > Vicky


Kentucky Class